How to use air heater correctly on winter?

How to use air heater correctly on winter?
In the cold winter, driving without heating must be a torture, how to effectively improve the car temperature? We've collected some tips on how to use air heater, hope these tip can do some use for you.
  1. Check whether the vehicle has started the air heater circulating pump (a button like a faucet in the position of the operating platform), and you can also listen to the buzzing sound of the circulating pump after starting the warm air circulating pump, so as to ensure the normal operation of the circulating pump. After the warm air circulation pump is opened, it can promote the large circulation of water body, circulate the refrigerated liquid with higher temperature to the whole vehicle body, and improve the utilization efficiency of water temperature to the greatest extent.
  2. Check whether the heater water pipe switch is on. A air heater water pipe switch is set in the position of the vehicle engine to open and cut off the refrigerated fluid in the air heater water pipe for convenient maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the air heater switch is in the open state to ensure the circulation of the refrigerated fluid in the air heater water pipe.
  3.  after arrival, first start the engine preheating, (preheating time is not less than 15 minutes) open the air heater switch, ensure that the temperature of the car before the exit to meet the temperature requirements, do not take any chances not to preheat or open warm air for solar terms.
  4. winter when it rains, because of high humidity of the air, the car inside and outside temperature difference is big, the car is fog up easily, then the commander can adopt the method of open warm wind mist, hot air blows directly against the glass, the mist of the method is very fast, usually lasts for a few minutes or so, but not again and again of fog, because hot air blow dry the moisture on the glass.