Triclicks Diesel air heater maintenance video, E10-E10 error code troubleshooting.

Fault Code FAQ

Q: E-01

A: Raise the power supply voltage


A: Reduce the power supply voltage

Q: E-03

A: First check whether the voltage and current are sufficient, and check the distance between the two wires at the root of the ignition plug. It is recommended to separate the two wires and restart the heater. If the heater has been used normally for a while, then it is the ignition plug problem that needs to be replaced.

Q: E-04

A: Unplug the pump, reinstall it, or beat the pump several times, If not resolved, please record a video and we will provide a reasonable solution.

Q: E-05

A: Ignition failed, unplug the oil pipe under the host, turn on the heater and dry the machine until the machine does not emit white smoke, then re-insert the oil pipe and turn it on again.

Q: E-06

A: If the machine has just been installed, first check the air inlet and hot air outlet of the machine. The bottom of both ends cannot touch any objects. Check whether the fan part of the heater is stuck and rotates smoothly. If it is stuck, you need to adjust the fan. If E-06 appear after adjusting the fan, you need to replace the motherboard.

Q: E-07

A: Machine overheating protection, check whether the air inlet and outlet are well ventilated, and make sure that the wiring harness is connected correctly.

Q: E-08

A: Remove the oil pump and blow it a few times at the oil outlet with an air gun to drain some of the oil from the oil pipe. Reinstall the oil pump and tighten it. If this is not possible, the oil pump needs to be replaced.

Q: E-10

A: Ignition failed, unplug the oil pump on the host, turn on the heater, and dry the machine until the machine dose not emit white smoke, then re-insert the oil pipe and turn it on again. Or reduce the oil pump oil amount to 2.0Hz. If it cannot be resolved, you need to replace the oil pump.

Q: The heater or LCD screen does not turn on

A: Check whether the wiring harness connection and and fuse are blown, if the fuse is normal, measure the red and black wires at the end of the wiring hardness with a multimeter to see if there is a voltage of 4.7V.

Q: The heater suddenly produce a large amount of white smoke during operation and could not be heated

A: Diesel contains impurities or moisture, please make sure that the heater’s air inlet and exhaust port(inlet and outlets air is unobstructed), if above is not problem, it is recommended to add one third of gasoline to the diesel to solve the problem.

Q: The fan turns smoothly, but there is no noise inside

A: This is due to the sound of the wind wheel from the accessories. It is recommended to open the upper cover, turn the wind whell gently, pay attention to the position of the lower wheel, and then adjust.


Q: The pump produces a lot of air bubbles

A: Please install oil pump correctly, the oil outlet must be 30°upward.

Q: Missing accessories/broken housing

A: Please contact us for processing.